Steering Committee

The John Snow Society Steering Committee as of 23rd October 2015


The current committee is made up of:

Mr Oliver Cumming, LSHTM (Co-chair)

Professor Jimmy Whitworth, LSHTM  (Co-chair and pub liaison)

Professor Sandy Cairncross, LSHTM (Co-historical liaison and web content officer)

Shirley Cramer CBE, Royal Society for Public Health

Dr Michael Edelstein, PHE (Co-treasurer)

Professor John Edmunds, LSHTM

Professor Paul Fine, LSHTM (Co-secretary)

Dr Stefan Flasche, LSHTM (Co-historical liaison and web content officer)

Dr Sebastian Funk, LSHTM

Dr James Hargreaves, LSHTM (Co-secretary)

Dr Dilys Morgan, Public Health England 

Dr Ros Stanwell Smith, Royal Society for Public Health/LSHTM (Pump ambassador)

Professor John Watson, Department of Health (Co-treasurer)