The John Snow Society - Annual Pumphandle Lecture Series

Annual Pumphandle Lecture Series

The John Snow Society Pumphandle Lecture takes place in September each year when members gather to celebrate the memory of Dr John Snow and afterwards hold the annual general meeting of the Society. The lecture is traditionally accompanied by the ceremony of removing and then replacing the pump handle as a reminder of the continuing challenges to public health in water and other fields.

Previous Pumphandle Lectures
2014 Jeremy Farrar
Medicine and public health: divorced for too long
2013 Julie Cliff
From London to Mozambique, from cholera to konzo
2012 Tom Frieden
What pump handles need to be removed to save the most lives in this century?
2011 Hans Rosling
Epidemiology for the Bottom Billion - where there is not even a pump handle to remove!
2010 David Nabarro
Sapiens, Synergy, Solidarite, Success
2009 David Heymann
When Nature turns cook: The epidemiologist's feast
2008 Professor Patrick Wall
Food Safety - Media based or Risk Based controls?
2007 D.A. Henderson
Polio Eradication: a Reconsideration of Strategy
2006 Dr Jamie Bartram
Drinking Water: Where Science Meets Policy
2005 Dr Tore Godal
Everything is Impossible until it has been done
2004 Dr Alain Moren
Challenges for field epidemiology training in a widening Europe
2003 Dr Mike Ryan
Epidemics in the 21st Century: The lesson of SARS
2002 Dr David Salisbury
Managing vaccine adverse effects
2001 Professor David Bradley
John Snow in the world of today: Global and local reflections on drawing water
2000 Professor John Oxford
The search for permafrost and other victims of the 1918 Influenza
1999 Professor Chris Bartlett
Removing the pump handle at an international level
1998 Professor Richard J. Evans
Koch, Pettenkofer and the search for the cause of cholera
1997 Professor Hugh Pennington
E. coli in Scotland: the relevance of John Snow and William Whewell's consilience of induction
1996 Professor Richard Feachem
Would John Snow have joined the World Bank?
1995 Dr Sandy Cairncross
Turning the Worm: The Guinea Worm eradication programme
1994 Dr Spence Galbraith
Dr John Snow - Early Life and Later Triumphs: An exploration of Snow's work from the epidemiological perspective
1993 Dr Nick Ward
Global Polio Eradication: call for action